Ultimate Core Rack

Portable and Stationary Core Racks

With KORAX SYSTEMS, your exploration teams no longer need to waste valuable time and energy constructing make-shift units from raw materials.

Durable – All our units are built of steel, welded and bolted together, it is more durable than other units constructed from wood and nails

Easy and Quick to Install – each unit can be assembled in approximately 8 – 10 minutes with no special tools required.

Easy Transportation, storage and handling – Korax Systems consist of two (2) side’s two (2) end brackets and are shipped disassembled.

Space-Saver - The core rack may be transported by plane, train, truck or small trailer, all units are custom built, if your company requires units 48” or 72” high we can build to suit your needs.

Stationary core rack – Our core rack can easily be erected side by side and end for end with a roof constructed to connect the units together.

Optional Equipment Available - Trusses may be added to create enclosed structures, very useful in extreme climates.